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Private Consultations

Colour Analysis  1.5hrs


This is the starting point…..

“The best colour in the world is the one that looks good on you!” – Coco Chanel

-Everyone has colours that look good on them and really highlight your best features.

The rights colours make wrinkles, blotches, pimples, dark shadows and more disappear!  Wearing the wrong colours make them more obvious.  It’s simple you need to know what suits you best!

  • In this Analysis you will be draped in colour to find out what your colour pallet is.
  • Talk about “Colour Psychology”.
  • How to get the most out of colour.
  • You will be given a colour swatch of your very best colours that you can take shopping with you.
  • Capsule wardrobe shopping.

Body Shape and Style Analysis 1.5 hrs


In this analysis you will be asked to bring at least 2 items of clothing with you that you wear a lot and 2 items that just sit in your wardrobe and do not wear.  You will also be asked to wear (or bring) some dark leggings and a vest top to help determine your body-shape.  Please note you will not be measured or asked to remove any clothing.  Remember it’s all about dressing to your body-shape and not your size!

During this course you will:

  • Determine your body-shape and have some rules for dressing to your shape.
  • Look at shape variations and body proportions (large bust, small bust, tall, short, long legged, short legged, short waisted, long waisted etc).
  • Personality Analysis
  • Face shape
  • Hair styles that will flatter your shape
  • Skin tone
  • Look at your own clothes and why they work or don’t work for you.
  • How to de-clutter your wardrobe
  • Take home your own Style information cards on your personal style and shape.

Bronze Package

Body shape, Style and Colour Analysis – approx. 2/ 3 hours


julia_0002_Layer 4

This is a combination of the above two courses in a 3 hour session.

This course gives you both a Colour Consultation and a Body shape and Style Analysis.

This can be done in pairs if you wish but will take approximately 4hrs at £120 per person.

Silver Package

Body-Shape, Style and Colour Analysis and Wardrobe de-clutter


julia_0001_Layer 5

Do you realise most women only wear 20% of their wardrobe?  The 8-% left doesn’t get a look in and is just ignored and then forgotten!  This is a very sad and true statistic and think of the wasted expense!

Is your wardrobe bursting at the seams but you don’t know what to get rid of?  Is your wardrobe a mess and untidy?  Then I will go through how to get the most out of the clothes you have by creating new outfits.  I call this “ Shop your own wardrobe”.

During a wardrobe de-clutter I will:

Sort your clothes into 3 sections

  • Clothes that are loved and worn and are your colours.
  • Clothes that you wear but are not your colours.
  • Clothes that are hardly worn.

We will together sort what items you need to keep and what items need replacing.  What your shopping priorities are for a capsule wardrobe while working with your lifestyle.

This normally takes a minimum of 5 hours but can be done over 2 days.

Gold Package

Silver Package + Personal Shopping


£295 for one day or can be split over 2 half days (includes body-shape, colour, style analysis, wardrobe de-clutter and up to 3 hours shopping time)  Additional shopping time will be £30 per hour.


Online Shopping

£30 per hour

After having a colour, body shape and style analysis Julia can browse your favourite online shops for clothing suggestions and recommendations. Ideal for weddings, special events, summer holiday wardrobe or just creating your own capsule wardrobe.