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Girls Day Out

Body-shape and Colour Analysis

This is a very personalised small group workshop which I limit to 4 people for  4-6 hours

£95 per person

At this workshop :

  • I will individually assess your colours – bringing your complexion alive through colours that suit you.  You will then be confident about being able to identify your signature colours.
  • I will individually assess your body-shape and style.  I will explain rules that apply to your shape so you can choose clothing with confidence.
  • We will look at your some of your own clothes you have brought and look at reasons why they work, could work or are simply not right for you.  In a group this is the fun part as this can turn into a clothes swap party!
  • Step by step formula on how to de-clutter your wardrobe
  • You will go home with a colour swatch of some of your signature colours and also facts on how to dress for your body-shape and style.

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Choose either a Colour or Body-Shape Style analysis

£45 per person

(includes a personal colour swatch for a colour analysis or fact file cards for Body-shape analysis)

Up to 5 people and will last 3-4hours