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Style Consultancy

Julia offers private or group consultations for colour, body-shape and style analysis. A professional, friendly service to bring confidence to your style
leaf4Do you know…What colours suit you best? …What your style is?


leaf3Do you… lack confidence? …find shopping hard? …have too many clothes that you don’t wear?


leaf1Would you like…to feel good everyday in what you wear? …have more confidence in yourself? …to look good…to have a capsule wardrobe?…to enjoy shopping and save money?

About Julia

JuliaWilsonJulia has always loved clothes and the effects they have on people and how they also make you feel. She has had her own, very successful Wedding Planning business, JDW Weddings for the last 10 years and knows very well how important colour, style and image is.

Since having her colours done 8 years ago she has been interested in her own personal style. Not only did it change the way she shopped and dressed it also gave her so much more confidence and belief in herself. It also gave her a capsule wardrobe, so it meant she now wears 80% of her wardrobe instead of the 20% like most people! She realised that she wanted to share her experience and how a simple thing like finding out your colours and dressing for your body-shape and not your size can make a real difference.

Julia obviously knows that colour, style and image holds a key part in planning a wedding and she has a real flair for it. So this is another reason why Julia has now trained to become a style Advisor and why she is so excited to put her love of clothes and her passion for weddings all together.

Julia firmly believes it’s not all about telling people what to wear but about making people feel special, stylish and confident with clothes playing an integral part in this. She loves and supports the saying “If you feel good, you look good” and simply wants to help everyone feel that way every day!

Julia lives in Somerset with her husband and daughter.