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How Can I Help?

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Many people think Wedding Planners are expensive and that only the rich and famous could afford such a luxury. This is just not true.

As your wedding co-coordinator, I have access to a wealth of resources. It is sometimes possible to negotiate discounts with suppliers and venues, which as a result means that these discounts may fund or at least part fund my fee.

It is very important that you never forget that it is your wedding and you and your partner should have the ultimate decisions.

As your weddiemmabarrow_liamnat138ng planner I wemmabarrow_liamnat138ill be available every hour of every day to help in what ever way you wish.
So for your perfect wedding, there is one question you should ask yourself. How can I avoid all the stress and time taken to plan and organise my wedding and still have the time of my life?

The answer is simple. Hire JDW Weddings, a professional, dedicated, organised wedding planner who will cater for your every need. I can even take control of the budget (if you wish) and allow you to cherish this highly emotional and exciting time of your life.

Advice and help

Here at JDW Weddings we offer a free, yes free advice service. This simply means that if you are looking for a helping hand in pointing you in the right direction then we are here to help – and yes it’s free!!

We know (from experience) that it takes hours of searching for the right suppliers so, if you would like to know a selection of specific suppliers we can help.

We can help if you simply want some advice on speeches, hen/stag ideas or good photographers etc. This will help save you time and money ant no expense. You may want to call just to discuss an idea you may have and to see if we have any thoughts or ideas about it.

Why not go straight to the experts who know suppliers and would only recommend the best and most trustworthy. What ever your reason please feel free to email or call.

Venue search

The average couple actually goes to see only 3 wedding venues before making a decision. The amount of time contacting, visiting at least once and assessing costs and menus etc can soon build up. Here at JDW Weddings we can help.

We can do a venue search for you. We would look at all your specific requirements for example budget, number of guests, accommodation, menu choice, car parking etc and then recommend a short list for you to visit. This enables you to have a wider choice in your venue and maybe see places that you never knew of!

The cost of a Venue Search is £200.

Cost including a visit to one venue with the client is £275.

Venue Style

JDW Weddings can be available for venue decoration and ideas.
Prices can start from £30 per hour. For more details please email or call.