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Heather and Phil Milton

“Once we were engaged we immediately started looking at venue’s and were eager to get something booked and start planning. Heather grew up in the village of Pensford and had always wanted to get married in Publow Church so we did not need to decide on a wedding venue, just somewhere for the reception. We started looking for relaxed receptions venues no more than a 30 minute radius away, we didnt want stately homes or hotels we just wanted somewhere that we could throw a nice informal fun party for all of our friends and relatives. There was nothing that was an exact fit within our radius and so we started to look at alternative choices, the village hall seemed far too simple but the more we thought about it, the better it seemed. With a good imagination and lots of decoration we were sure it could work.

Six months on the date, church and hall were booked. The photographer and florist closely followed and Heather started to finalise all other major suppliers. Things kept moving along and all was going well but we kept thinking about how it was all going to work on the day and how we knew everything would run smoothly. Our parents were very supportive and said that they could take care of this but we really just wanted everyone to enjoy the day and not be worrying about the schedule and organising suppliers and caterers. We were very clear on the sort of reception we wanted and it included a packed schedule of food and drink plus games and 2 quick changes of table layout, this would take quite a bit of supervision and with hired caterers and waiting staff from different companies it seemed all a bit muddled.

Heather looked into options and came across wedding planners that did ‘on the day co-ordination’. Having never considered hiring a wedding planner we did not even know this type of service existed but it looked perfect for what we wanted. Heather immediately started to make enquiries and had a consultation meeting with Julia where she bombarded her with fabric samples, scrapbook cuttings and ideas. The rest as they say is history as we knew straight away that we wanted to hire Julia after meeting her and talking things through.

Julia kept in touch throughout the months leading up to the wedding and around 4 weeks before came to meet us at the hall and the real organisation took hold! We thought we had covered everything and only needed Julia for the day – little did we know! Julia helped out in sourcing any suppliers that we didnt have and needed, this was really helpful as we were stuck on a few things like DJ and waiting staff, it was so useful to get a proffessional’s point of view and she thought of everything that we didnt. Things like recycling and how we would store and get rid of that, how we would affix decorations, if we needed to bring any additional toilet rolls, etc. – these are all things that you dont consider and only a proffessional would know about. If we had not hired Julia we really would not have had the same result on the day, absolutely everything was taken care of even the external decorations that we could not put up the day before in case it rained. Julia turned up at 7 in the morning and worked all day never stopping to make sure everything was perfect. Our wedding was amazing and all of our guests that we have spoken to have commented on how lovely it was and what a wonderful day they had, one of our friends even commented that it was the best wedding she had ever been to! The ideas and intial plans were ours but the execution of the day and the smooth running of the schedule throughout the day (which went without a hitch) were all down to Julia. She was a breath of fresh air to have around, never getting stressed out and always thinking of the bride and groom and trying to do as much as possible for us.

If you are considering having a wedding with a bit of flair that needs someone to see it through on the day you must, must, must hire Julia to help. Even if you think you have it all covered and dont need a wedding ‘planner’ you do need her! The weeks before our wedding everyone kept saying to us that we must be really stressed out and running about all over the place. In truth we had nothing to do! Julia did everything that we asked and everything that needed doing without us even asking.. Weddings are fantastic but they can be stressful, Julia is a way of having the best of both worlds – all the glory and none of the stress!”

Heather and Phil Milton

Photo By: Eleanor Saunders