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Elizabeth and Joseph



Its hard to even to start to put into words how grateful we are for everything you did for us and the wedding.

We have finally emerged after about a million hours sleep (and a few cocktails) under the sun – and we are about to make the journey onto Boston. We haven’t stopped talking about the wedding and how it was literally the most incredible few days of our whole lives. You are an absolute hero and there is absolutely no way we could have done it without you. You worked tirelessly on every detail and so many people said to me that it was the most organised, smooth running, beautiful wedding they had ever been to – and that was down to you!

We really meant what we said too, that we really don’t want to lose touch as we feel like you’ve been such a close friend this year! feels strange to think we didn’t know you before.

I hope its ok that I will definitely be wanting to meet up for a christmas drink when we’re back in Somerton for a visit in a few months!! (Feel like we need a wedding debrief anyway, plus there’ll be so much to catch up on).

I also warn you that there’s a number of bridesmaids with potential upcoming weddings who already have you on their radar (including my sister who says she thinks she’ll probably just ‘copy paste’ our plans haha!)….they, amongst so many couldn’t believe that you weren’t a close family friend. Thank you so much for making it such a delight to work with you – although it never felt much like work! (seriously now…I feel like i’ve lost a hobby that I’m not allowed to do anymore…Pinterest just isn’t the same…)

Please also pass on our gratitude to Karen who was also so lovely to us and so helpful. She is wonderful.

Thanks for the first dance clips! Loved seeing those – we just watched them again and had an ‘Ahhh’ moment.

And finally….thank you so much for our beautiful gift! You shouldn’t have done that – really so kind of you (and perfect for the new flat).

Here are some of the wedding booth pics! LOVE these! Will of course pass on more pics from the photographer…and there are lots of photos on Facebook. If you’re on there please do add me! (Elizabeth Fitchett on there now!)

Hope you had the best Sunday sleep in ever and have had a good week with some recovery time….your poor family are probably incredibly relieved this is all over!

…Until we see you again, sending love and enormous gratitude,

Asking Julia to help us with the wedding was the best decision we made throughout the entire process of planning our wedding. She helped us with three days of celebrations at two different venues and she didn’t drop the ball once.

Everything had to be planned from scratch as our reception was my parent’s house, and with 200 guests, there was a lot to coordinate during the wedding itself. It just simply wouldn’t have happened without her. She both listened to our ideas and guided us through things we hadn’t thought of. We kept in touch throughout the year and she made sure that we were up to date on everything that needed to be done. I thought that I was already someone who is pays attention to detail – but there were so many things that Julia thought of that we would have forgotten (like coat rails…who knew?!). It didn’t go unnoticed – everybody has said to us how smoothly the whole day went, and how every single detail was in place. Thanks to Julia, we didn’t have any problems with our suppliers (that we know of!)- as she thought of all the potential problems in advance (eg. access, timings, water and electricity supplies, food for staff etc.). I don’t know how, but Julia managed to remain entirely professional, efficient, organised and effective, whilst also feeling like a close friend by the end of it.

When we got engaged I wasn’t sure if I wanted a ‘wedding planner’, as it felt like it would make the whole thing feel commercial and impersonal – and I thought I wouldn’t be to make my own ideas happen. But I couldn’t recommend Julia more highly, who is entirely flexible in the way she works. As we lived in London at the time, it was just fantastic to have somebody local to my parents’ house, who knows the local wedding businesses really well.  I feel like I ‘planned’ my own wedding – but she was the one who made it come together behind the scenes (often doing the boring bits – like following up with suppliers!) – and it was her that allowed us to pull off the most magical weekend we’ve ever had. We cannot thank her enough.